Aerial Imaging by Joe Tomlin is a professional photography company, specialising in aerial photography and aerial video footage taken from Small Unmanned Aircraft, commonly known as Drones. Our state of the art equipment allow us get a unique perspective and capture images from angles that would otherwise be unseen. Our projects range from photography for individuals, to videos for marketing, to inspections and surveys for businesses.

High Resolution aerial photography with still images of up to 20MP capable of being reproduced on all mediums at all sizes, including A0 or larger

Professional film-quality aerial video of up to 4K UHD resolution at 60fps for smooth, cinema grade, judder and blur free footage

Live Streaming to social media is possible from our drones. Perfect for advertising or marketing an event to thousands more than can actually attend

Drones, provide a dynamic and highly manoeuvrable working platform up to 400ft altitude, with long battery life and range

Post processing, or retouching of images and videos using professional software to remove imperfections

Aerial Inspections and surveys of buildings, structures and land. Our use of UAVs makes this time efficient and cost effective. Data is plotted using analytical software for image analysis, land mapping and 3D modeling.

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Permission for Commerical Operations (PfCO) and Public Liability Insurance for up to £1,000,000 are legal requirements we hold, to operate our UAVs commercially in UK airspace

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Often the magnificence of a subject or location is lost through conventional ground based photography. Aerial photography and video from our UAVs offers a new perspective at a fraction of the cost of  manned aircraft.

As a CAA Certified remote pilot, we operate with the highest standard of professionalism and more importantly, safety.

Covering all of the UK, operating from Oxfordshire and Cornwall

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CAA Certified UAV Pilot

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Aerial inspection and surveying Operating throughout the UK

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