Sometimes you can't get the best angle for your shot, but we can. Our UAVs are highly manoeuvrable and versatile allowing us to capture aerial photography from above and from previously unseen or inaccessible angles. We work with individuals, small businesses and large organisations to provide a bespoke and professional service that is tailored to your needs. Photography and video is the core of our business, but for more commercial and analytical requirements we use specialist mapping and modelling software to turn these images into plans, terrain maps and 3D models to suit your business requirements.

St Michaels Mount

Aerial Photography


We photograph stunning architecture and dramatic landscapes, perfect for displaying either at home or as an advertisement for your business. Our images look stunning when reproduced on canvas and hung on a wall. We can capture the full extent of your land and property which, on the housing, hotel and holiday market can set your property apart from the crowd. See our Gallery page for some of our greatest images.

Downton Abbey
Gribben Head Light House
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Aerial Video in 4k Ultra High Definition

For more dynamic environments, our 4k Ultra High Definition cameras capture the detail of every event. 3 axis gimbals on the camera provide stabalisation, ensuring the lens is always level and stable. High frame rates allow us to shoot smooth and fluid images. Afterwards, we use our professional video editing software to compile the footage into videos that are perfect for social media, websites and marketing campaigns.

Here are a few short extracts from videos we have produced some of our clients.

New Build Homes

Building and Asset Inspection

UAVs allow for timely and cost effective asset and building inspection. We are ideally equiped to inspect all structures where it would be dangerous or difficult for a human to access, such as roofs, chimneys and solar installations. Our real time view from the aircraft allows us to pinpoint features or areas of interest whilst in the air, and enables live direction from the client.

Building Site Inspection
Building Site Inspection



The high resolution cameras on our UAVs acquire images for surveying of a site, but when combined with our drones additional sensor data and processed by high tech software, we can produce both 2D & 3D maps (left and bottom left). Topographical maps (below right) produced by us show geographical features in the survey area, giving us a complete 3D model of the location. 

3D Model
3D Terrain Map

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